TasNetworks selects integratedSCADA to upgrade legacy RTU

integratedSCADA has been awarded a project by TasNetworks to upgrade a number of legacy devices across three sites.
The legacy devices include GE D20M+ and GE D20M++ Remote Terminal Units (RTU) of which are ‘end of life’ and no longer supported. To save the unnecessary costs of replacing, testing and recommissioning field wiring the existing GE IO peripheral boards will be migrated to communicate with a current generation GE D20ME RTU.
The GE D20ME devices will be integrated with existing Foxboro SCD5200 Gateways and Citect HMI
integratedSCADA can assist any client with migrating GE IO boards from older generation legacy devices to many preferred modern RTU platforms.
Some example solutions include;

  • Upgrading existing IO boards to communicate with latest generation GE D20 and D200 using D.20 interface.
  • Conversion of IO boards to independent DNP3 IO devices.
  • Implementation of D.20 interface on Cooper SMP.
  • Integration with IEC61850 devices such as GE D400 using D.20 RIO Distributed IO Controller.

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