System Protection Scheme

System Protection Scheme Panels

System Protection Scheme Panels

integratedSCADA was recently selected by TasNetworks to perform SCADA and Protection routine testing of the Basslink System Protection Scheme (SPS).The SPS is a system wide protection scheme consisting of;

  • protection hardware and SCADA software installed at TasNetworks control centre,
  • a high speed redundant communications network connecting the central assets with remote generators and industrial loads,
  • remote protection tripping interfaces,
  • remote RTU devices providing real-time operational data.

The SPS is vital to the secure operation of the Tasmanian power system when Basslink (DC interconnect to Victoria) is in service. The SPS provides two main functions, control of system frequency (FCSPS) and network overload (NCSPS) protection.

  • The FCSPS provides high speed generator and load shedding service following a fault/trip of Basslink.
  • The NCSPS provides runback (governor) and tripping (CB operation) of generators to reduce load on identified transmission circuits following a network contingency.
The routine testing involved the following major items;

  • Audit and point-to-point test physical wiring and installation against ‘as-built’ drawings.
  • Extraction and archiving of ‘as-commissioned’ setting files and configurations for protection and SCADA devices.
  • Functional checks of all scheme input/output interfaces including protection trip circuits and monitored remote operational data.
SCADA Realtime Servers

SCADA Servers

Industrial Site Testing

Industrial Site Testing

The scheme was commissioned in 2005 and received Engineers Australia – engineering excellence award in 2007.

As a testament to the performance of the scheme, it is capable of securely transferring a trip signal from George Town (Basslink Converter Station) to Hobart then to any number of remote sites as far as Gordon on the west coast in under 20ms.

integratedSCADA are very passionate about this scheme and are more than happy to share our knowledge and experience of its design and performance, please feel free to contact us.