SCADA Engineering – Specification, Design, Engineering, Integration, Commissioning and Training:

Remote Terminal Units (RTU) are the primary interface of your plant and assets with your control system.
The RTU typically provides;
– physical interfaces to hardwired signals,
– interface with various Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) including protection relays,
– provide protocol conversion enabling multi-vendor integration,
– improve redundancy with redundant system architectures,
– support remote engineering access to your entire system using communications routing,
– secure your site and data acting as a gateway for all real-time metering, status, event and fault report data.
– automation and logic functions.
integratedSCADA has a extensive experience with the configuration and implementation of the following RTU (Remote Terminal Units).
– GE iBox, D25, D20, D200, D400
– Foxboro C50, SCD5200
– Cooper SMP
– Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) DPAC, RTAC
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) deliver automation and industrial process control functions as part of standalone or distributed control systems.
The PLC typically provides;
– Physical interfaces to hardwired signals,
– programmable logic, control and automation functions,
– online diagnostics, fault recovery and redundancy features,
– embedded integration with plant (rugged design for industrial environments),
– communications interfaces to distributed control systems,
integratedSCADA has experience delivering and supporting the following PLC;
– Allen-Bradley and Rockwell (PLC5, SLC, Micrologic, CompactLogix, ControlLogix and GuardLogix)
– Schneider (Modicon and Quantum)
– GE Fanuc
– KingFisher
– Siemens

Human Machine Interface (HMI) are the operator interfaces, points of control and supervisory interfaces to control systems.
A HMI consists typically of;
– Graphical screens representing the plant and assets monitored and controlled,
– Trending, graphs, dynamic symbols and innovative displays elements to provide effective intuitive visualisation,
– Alarm lists, filters, reports and escalation representation,
– Event (Sequence of Events) and Fault Data analysis,
– Historical reporting and archiving,
– Integration with intelligent business systems,
– Security through user control, rules, access control and permission configuration,
– Integration with smart phones and tablets.
integratedSCADA has the knowledge and expertise with the following HMI;
– Citect SCADA
– ClearSCADA
– Allen-Bradley and Rockwell (RS View, Factory Talk, Panel View)
– Open Systems International (Monarch, Indigo)
– Schneider – Magellis HMI
– C-More
integratedSCADA can has capability and experience delivering System Protection Schemes. Examples of shemes that have been delivered include:
– Frequency Control Schemes (high speed generator and/or load control).
– Network Control Schemes including real-time calculation of equipment ratings based on environmental inputs. Take automated control of your network during contingencies.
– Load Shedding Applications.
– Generator Shedding or Governor Control Applications.
– Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). Emergency supply changeover including Backup Generators and Solar.
– Reactive and Harmonic Switching. Including capacitor bank and statcom switching.
– Run Back Schemes as applied to Wind Farm Network Connection.
– Smart Grid Applications
– Synchronisation, Syncrophasor and Islanding Schemes.

Industrial networks form the interconnecting communications and architecture of your control system. The implementation of control systems in particular IEC61850 based systems require a considered approach to network design to ensure performance.
Industrial Networks consist of the following technologies;
– Serial (RS232, RS422, RS485, Fibre)
– Ethernet TCP/IP
– Secure Wireless
– Fibre Optic (Multimode, Singlemode, ADSS, OPGW)
– Radio (Point-to-Point, Multi-Point, Mesh)
Various architectures are specifically engineered around specific interface requirements of connected devices to provide the best reliability, security, redundancy, performance and cost. These architecture are based on the following topologies and protocols;
– Ring topology using Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
– Star and Redundant Star.
– Parallel Redundant using Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP)
– Fault Tolerant Zero Recovery using High-availability Seamless Redundancy (HSR)
– Legacy equipment integration using terminal servers, media converters and device gateways.
IntegratedSCADA consider networks and associated communications to be fundamental element of your control system, it’s simply not just a way of connecting devices.
integratedSCADA has experience in delivering networks with the following products;
– Hirschmann industrial Ethernet switches and firewalls,
– Hirschmann HiVision network management tools,
– RuggedCom industrial Ethernet switches, terminal servers and media converters,
– Cisco Ethernet switches (layer 2/3) and Firewalls,
– Trio Radio,
– Advantech ADAM serial converters and interfaces,
integratedSCADA is passionate about new technology and innovation, embracing the benefits of emerging industry standards such as IEC61850 with an open non-propriety approach.
The following mappings from IEC61850 have been applied by integratedSCADA;
– Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) both client and server,
– Generic Object Oriented Substation Events (GOOSE)
– Sampled Measured Values (SMV)
As part of our project activity, product evaluation and professional development integratedSCADA has benefited from;
– Simulation of MMS client and servers using Rasberry Pi 2 platform.
– Testing and validation using Omicron IEDScout.
Time synchronisation is increasing important element of an integrated control system. Accurate time synchronisation provides reliable;
– fault analysis,
– sequence of event history,
– syncrophasor protection schemes,
– sampled values (IEC61850),
– coordination of operation,
– scheduling of tasks,
– application to system protection schemes.
In order to achieve high precision time accuracy GPS clocks are utilised to provide reliable time sources. These time sources are then distributed using various methods including;
– IRIG-B (Modulated and Demodulated)
– Network Time Protocol (NTP, SNTP)
– Precision Time Protocol (PTP, IEEE 1588 V2)
– DCF77
– Serial Strings
– User defined pulses (Pulse Per Minute (PPM), Pulse Per Second (PPS))
– IEEE 1344 Extensions to IRIG-B
integratedSCADA has a depth of experience with;
– Tekron International GPS/Satellite Clocks, Signal Isolators and Repeaters
– Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) GPS/Satellite Clocks.
The isolated and distant nature of many of our client’s assets supports the need for remote access and engineering. Proactive maintenance strategies and outage/downtime reduction can be realised.
– Wide Area Network access (WAN) with secure firewalls and authentication.
– Virtual Private Network (VPN)
– Radio
– Fibre Optic (ADSS, OPGW)
– 3G/4G Mobile Data
– Dialler based schemes
– Teleprotection
The use of remote access and engineering yields the benefit of;
– providing access to specialized resources for complex tasks,
– utilisation of virtualisation,
– sharing of expensive resources, equipment and licenses across multiple assets,
– remote vendor specific support,
– site audit/change control,
– enhanced maintenance strategies,
– reduced outage times.
Industrial Process Control and Automation is the application of engineering and technology for delivery and execution of desired outcomes. These desired outcomes include but not limited to;
– Reduced inefficiencies
– Improved Health and Safety to your workforce through engineering control solutions
– Reduction in energy usage
– Reduction in material waste and environmental impact
– Improved quality, accuracy and precision
– Continuous improvement by reporting, monitoring and process feedback
integratedSCADA understands the importance of implementing open solutions that clients can continuously improve. We implement process control and automation using documented forms of logic in our clients preferred method. These methods are based on open international standards (IEC 61131) and include;
– Ladder Logic Diagrams (LD)
– Function Block Diagrams (FBD)
– Structured Text (ST)
– Instruction Lists (IL)
– Sequential Function Charts (SFC)
– Continuous Function Charts (CFC)
A strong attention to detail and a focus on consultative and inclusive development in partnership with our clients ensures consistently high quality outcomes. This approach provides a knowledge transfer to those that maintain and operate the asset, in contrast to providing turnkey solutions without understanding its implementation.
Through continuous improvement, a professional and responsive approach, and a motivated team, integratedSCADA realizes innovation and industry best-practice.
Process control, automation and system monitoring rely on external data inputs in order to perform desired operation. Telemetry data inputs are system sources requiring careful consideration and selection of sensor/meter with correct application of signal isolation and barriers.
integratedSCADA can assist with remote measurement of many quantities with experience with many instruments, sensors, meters and telemetry devices. We will work with you to select products in order to;
– Reduce diversity of products in your system by standardising where possible,
– Reduce cost by selecting commonly available products in your industry and providing innovative system designs,
– Select products with reputation for support, quality, performance and low maintenance,
– Ensure product is appropriate for the environment and application and can be utilised minimal environmental impact.
– Require minimal power supply requirements.
– Survey communications methods to ensure reliable cost effective solution.