Hadspen and Trevallyn Substation Upgrade

integratedSCADA has completed substation upgrades at Hadspen and Trevallyn. Replacement of ABB MicroSCADA with SEL Axion and Cooper SMP.
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61850 Protection Relays
61850 Substation

integratedSCADA have successfully assisted commissioning of a complete 61850 substation. The substation includes multi-vendor protection relays from SEL, Siemens and GE. Substation automation, gateway RTU and data concentration using SEL Axion.
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Sprent Pumpstation Pump Control
Tasmanian Irrigation ClearSCADA

Tasmanian Irrigation have utilised the services of integratedSCADA to commission the existing Kindred North Motton Irrigation Scheme (KNMIS) into their ClearSCADA remote supervisory and data acquisition system.
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Industrial Facility Conveyer
Control System Upgrade

integratedSCADA have successfully partnered with GVH engineering to upgrade a large scale Control System and PLC platform at a major brown-field industrial facility on the North West Coast of Tasmania.
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GE Kelman Multitrans DGA
Dissolved Gas Analysis

integratedSCADA recently completed the integration of a Kelman Multitrans online Dissolved Gas Analyser (DGA) into TasNetworks SCADA network. The gas monitoring units are installed on two 110/11kV transformers located at North Hobart substation.
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Conitel C2020 RTU, GE ME++
SCADA Protocol Upgrade

integratedSCADA recently assisted TasNetworks achieving a milestone in removing Conitel C2020 legacy SCADA protocols from service.
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System Protection Scheme Panels
System Protection Scheme

integratedSCADA was recently selected by TasNetworks to perform SCADA and Protection routine testing of the Basslink System Protection Scheme (SPS).
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HMI Display
Queensland Gold Project

integratedSCADA has been engaged to provide SCADA engineering services as part of a Queensland gold mining venture. SCADA automation and process control is the foundation behind the projects Flotation processing facility. The process control system will monitor and control the processing facility including, crushing, grind mill, magnetic separation, flotation, reagent dosing, water, air, diesel and generation.
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AETV Tamar Valley Power Gas Turbine
AETV Tamar Valley Power Station

integratedSCADA provided technical services as part of AETV Tamar Valley Power Station Synchronous Condenser Mode upgrade.
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Industrial Network
Industrial Communications Network

A system wide improvement program has recently been completed by integratedSCADA for a large utility client. Over 320 devices were upgraded over 33 remote sites.
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D25 Bay Controller
Burnie Substation SCADA Redevelopment

The Burnie Substation is an existing and operational installation, however, as part of these redevelopment works, the site SCADA system and associated design components, such as network topology and SCADA equipment arrangement and configuration, was augmented and modified such that it conforms to the clients standard Substation Automation design concepts.
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Mini Hydro Generator
Midlands Water Scheme

integratedSCADA provided technical services as part of Tasmanian Irrigation's Midlands Water Scheme mini-hydro installation.
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