Burnie Substation SCADA Redevelopment

Transformer Protection

Transformer Protection

The Burnie Substation is an existing and operational installation, however, as part of these redevelopment works, the site SCADA system and associated design components, such as network topology and SCADA equipment arrangement and configuration, was augmented and modified such that it conforms to the clients standard Substation Automation design concepts.

Burnie substation SCADA redevelopment was successfully completed on an existing brownfield installation without operational impact, outages or limitations. This was achieved by implementing an approved plan and methodology based on maintaining existing legacy systems while new systems were tested and commissioned.

  • Testing and Commissioning of SCADA Automation panel. Consisting primarily Redundant Foxboro SCD5200 RTUs including failover systems, Hirschmann Network (Hiper Ring), GE D25 Bay Controllers and Tekron GPS Time Synch Equipment.
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) design and integration (Citect V7.20, DNPR driver).
  • Testing and Commissioning Substation 220/110/22kV Transmission Line, Transformer and Feeder Protection.
  • Bay Controller functions including circuit breaker and motorised isolator interlocking/control logic.
  • Remote point testing to TasNetworks NOCS control centre.

SCADA Automation Panel

D25 Bay Controller

Burnie 22kv ABB Switchgear