2019 Telstra Business Awards Finalist

integratedSCADA has been awarded as Tasmanian Finalists in the 2019 Telstra Business Awards.
What an honour and pleasure to recognise all our efforts, celebrate our success and with you inspire the future.
This award represents;
– An enormous amount of hard work of a small and passionate team.
– The support of amazing forward thinking clients.
– An opportunity to learn, meet all of you, be inspired and propel us forward.

integratedSCADA is a proud Tasmanian small business providing systems and engineering services for the monitoring and control of power, water and industrial process. We see a future where our innovation helps sustainably solve the challenges and burden of energy production, transmission and distribution. We can improve safety, quality and reliability of infrastructure and process control. Fostering and developing emerging technologies and markets.
With a passion for technology and a commitment to sustainability we stand to continue making a valuable contribution to the Tasmanian industry and community we live.