IEC61850 Development

integratedSCADA has been conducting IEC61850 development, testing and development utilising the Raspberry Pi platform.

integratedSCADA required a rapid development environment to test IEC61850 Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS), both server and client.

The developed tools and simulation environment will allow integratedSCADA to simulate SCADA and Protection devices as either an IEC61850 MMS server or client. The device configuration in the form of an ‘IED Capability Description’ (ICD) or ‘Configured IED Description’ (CID) file is used to generate a simulated instance of the device.

integratedSCADA recently utilised the simulation tool for testing integration of Schneider MiCOM P141 relays with Prosoft Ethernet/IP server to IEC61850 gateway.

The Raspberry Pi 2 hardware platform was used as it offers the required performance (Quad Core 900MHz CPU, 1GB RAM) in a very low cost and open source package.